Founded in 2006 by American architect David Mayer and Thai artist Maitree Siriboon, Whitespace Gallery is Thailandʼs independent art gallery that has successfully introduced and promoted extraordinarily talented young contemporary Thai artists through a series of mainly solo exhibitions. These exhibitions served for many artists as an important platform for the launch of their careers helping them to gain recognition and opportunities to exhibit their work throughout Asia and Europe.

Since starting, Whitespace Gallery has received extraordinary attention and praise from the press and the arts community. The Gallery has managed to develop an outsized reputation for excellence under the curatorial direction of Mr Siriboon.

Whitespace Gallery responds and supports a range of exhibitions/projects from painting, sculpture, photography, installation, to new media and conceptual art. More importantly, the Gallery encourages significant artistic visions that challenge, excite, engage and delight. Whitespace Gallery also provides art consultancy and management to business clients, cultural organizations and individual collectors.


David Mayer
David Mayer

Founded by American Architect, David Mayer, owner of Thai design firm of the same name that is best known for creating iStudio stores in Thailand.


Maitree Siriboon

Maitree Siriboon, is an artist and rising star on the Thailand art scene who has been widely published and has exhibited his work worldwide.